Elevator Maintenance in Little Ferry, NJ

Infinity Elevator Company, Inc. understands the complete scope of work involved with routine elevator and escalator maintenance. Our approach to preventive services ensures the safe working function of your equipment, saving you money and extending the life and reliability of your vertical conveyance systems. The result is a system that works better for your business and anyone utilizing your equipment. Our approach to commercial elevator maintenance service and escalator repair in Little Ferry, NJ and New York is comprehensive, including elevator cab interior upgrades, machine room maintenance and pit services.

Interior/Exterior Car Services

We place huge emphasis on elevator repair and maintenance involving both the interior and exterior of your cars. Our inspections and maintenance services are thorough, so you can always be sure your elevator is running smoothly and efficiently, and that larger problems aren’t lurking under the surface.

  • Door open and close inspections
  • Repair for ceilings, handrails and walls
  • Light replacement (incl. control panel)
  • Emergency stop and call checks
  • Door panel and clearance checks
  • Smoke detector and alarm tests
  • Exit hatch inspection and testing
  • Testing brake mechanism
  • Inspect for cable wear
  • Inspect for damage or vandalism

Machine Room Service in New Jersey

Commercial elevator maintenance service goes beyond the car and cables. Our experienced technicians also take the time to service and maintain the machine room, for peace of mind in the ‘behind the scenes’ components of your elevator.

Check and lubricate all systems

  • Examine all electrical wiring for signs of damage
  • Test for and remove interference-causing items
  • Ensure machine room is clean and free of debris

Pit and Miscellaneous Services

Don’t forget about the pit and all the little miscellaneous services that go into elevator and escalator maintenance. We don’t! Our dedication to thorough service extends to these minor tasks that make a big difference in the serviceability of your conveyance systems.

  • Ensure pit area has proper access
  • Check for signs of frame damage
  • Clean up pit and remove debris
  • Check for signs of rodents or pests

We Keep Your Cars Running

Infinity Elevator Company, Inc. has a simple mission: provide New Jersey and New York customers with the complete elevator repair and escalator services that keep these complex systems up and running safely. Contact us today at 201-994-1555 to schedule maintenance, modernization, and installation services with our elite team of professionals.