Commercial Elevator Modernization in Little Ferry, NJ

Infinity Elevator Company, Inc. is well-versed in commercial elevator modernization. Our elite team of professionals has performed restorations and modernizations for elevator systems in businesses across Little Ferry, NJ and New York, leaving behind results that dramatically improve the function, appeal and longevity of these systems. Whether you want to maintain the classic appeal of your original elevator system or usher in a full modernization, we’re equipped to handle the work

Why Modernize Your Elevator?

Many buildings in New Jersey have elevators dating back to the 1950s, 60s and 70s. While still functional, they often need elevator cab interior upgrades and other modifications to meet modern expectations and standards. Here’s a look at the benefits of modifying your old elevator:

New technology:
Better electronics and panel systems make it easier for users to get where they need to go. There are also conveniences like wayfinding systems available.
Better performance:
Old elevators can be weighty and clunky, requiring more energy to operate. Modernization strips away some of the bulk for smoother performance.
Improved safety:
With commercial elevator modernization comes safety! Your elevator will benefit from improved safety features and safer general operation.
Modern appeal:
The rest of your building has a modern, updated appeal to it—why shouldn’t your elevator. Create cohesion through modernization.

Maintaining a Classic Aesthetic

Need commercial elevator modernization without changing the classic appeal of your original elevator system? We take a thoughtful approach to modernization and can preserve the façade and feel of an existing system, while upgrading the underlying systems to comply with modern standards.

Raising the Bar for Elevator Modernization

If your elevator or escalator is showing its age, call the team at Infinity Elevator Company, Inc. to have it brought up to a modern standard of excellence. From tech upgrades to full aesthetic refurbishment, we welcome projects in any capacity. Contact us today at 201-994-1555 to schedule an appointment for commercial elevator modernization, maintenance, and installation.